Document Library


CareAware produces a range of information literature on a variety of care topics as detailed below. These are intended to give an overview of the subject and specific guidance on how they might impact on the individual. These documents are available via our dedicated Helpline service.

  • Acting on a Person’s Behalf
  • Attendance Allowance Bulletin
  • Benefit Rates
  • Benefit Rates Handy Card
  • CareAware A4 Display Poster
  • CareAware Helpline A6 Postcard
  • Choosing A Care Home Bulletin
  • Disability Support Services Bulletin
  • Domiciliary Care Bulletin
  • Investment Bonds Bulletin
  • NHS Continuing Healthcare
  • NHS Funded Nursing Care
  • Gifting to Protect Capital Bulletin
  • Later Life Advice
  • Newsletter
  • Pension Credit Bulletin
  • Property Ownership Bulletin
  • Protecting Your Estate Bulletin
  • Respite Care Bulletin
  • So How Does Your Care Adviser Measure Up
  • State Funding Support Bulletin
  • Tax Rates
  • Top-Up Payments Bulletin
  • Where There’s a Will Bulletin

              Legislation and Case Law

  • Community Care Act 1998
  • Coughlan Case
  • Gloucestershire Judgement
  • HASSASSA 1963
  • Health & Social Care Bill
  • Hurlingham Est v Wilde & Partners
  • Mary Robertson Case
  • National Assistance Act 1948
  • NHS & Community Care Act 1990
  • Sefton Judgement
  • Yule Case