The following are a selection of the customer views and comments received:


“I came off the phone knowing I had received first class information.”

D.Green, Leicestershire


 “Many thanks for the useful and impressive information……you provide a welcome and marvellous service.”

L. Knight, Suffolk


 “Your call was clear, concise and practical. It relieved a lot of stress. A pleasure to speak to a professional with good understanding and common sense.”

Mr R.M, West Midlands


“Thank you for all the advice and useful information which you supplied at a time when we were looking at all the possible care options for my mother. Your staff were extremely kind and sympathetic, and it was a real pleasure to discuss matters with them.”

E.A.Bunting, Cambridgeshire


“This very happy and positive outcome has been achieved due to the information and advice I received from the staff at CareAware. I am very grateful and cannot thank you enough.”

B.Tucket, Devon


 “Without your help and encouragement I may well have given up. Thank you so much for all your help. You are doing a wonderful job.”

P. Halagan, Stourbridge


“Thank you so much for the information. It helps clarify what is worth pursuing to support Mum in a way I just can’t make sense of with the government websites. Very helpful in difficult times!”

P.Rushton, Shropshire


 “I sing your praises at every opportunity and I am so pleased I took on board the personal recommendation from a neighbour in our village”

V.Cliff, Nottinghamshire